end of lease cleaning melbourne
Are you the one who is looking forward to vacating the rented property? If yes, then you have to ensure that the end-of-lease cleaning is performed extremely well, so that you can get the complete bond deposits returned. Bond cleaning is also considered exit cleaning. Cleaning the rented property to get it cleared from the inspection by the landlord and property manager is what the end-of-lease cleaning entails. Usually, the tenant takes the assistance of the professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne service for claiming the bond deposits during the end of the tenancy agreement.

However, many tenants just lose out money on some of the minor things. If you want to avoid performing the blunder that becomes the likely reason for not getting the complete bond deposits back, then there are certain things you have to take into consideration for not letting it happen.

Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent a reduction in your bond money.

Glass panels

The glass panels are the areas of the property that are highly susceptible to the accumulation of grime, dirt, and filth. So such areas are required to be addressed properly by the end of lease cleaner Melbourne. The professionals clean it by using a damp cloth and mild cleaning solution or detergent. Such areas require special attention during the vacate cleaning as it becomes one of the major reasons for the deduction of the tenancy bond.

Dishwashers/ Ovens/BBQ

The dishwashers and ovens have the accumulation of food particles, grease, and even crumbs. When the food splatter gets accumulated in the filters as well as the internal trims of the equipment, it seems to be extremely dirty and unhygienic. So, you have to make sure that the professional cleaners handle such equipment expertly clearing, cleaning, and making them look sparkly new.


While having pets in the house, you need to take special care of every NOOK and corner of the property. You have to be more careful when the tenancy bond is involved. When you hire the experts in bond cleaning Melbourne and you have pets at home, then ensure that they vacuum clean every NOOK and corner of the floor, removing the pet hair, and all the spills along with the accumulated filth on the whole of the surface. Also, make sure that the tracks of doors, as well as the skirting boards, are taken care of.

Kitchen and bathrooms

You might have thought that you have taken extremely good care of the kitchen and the bathroom flooring. However, exit cleaning is quite distinctive from all cleaning you do on regular basis. Although you might be using the regular cleaning spray to wipe off the dirt, filth, and stains from the kitchen and bathroom floorings, this is not enough. Due to the regular use of the kitchen and the bathroom, the tiles and the flooring are comprised of accumulated dust, dirt, and filth. Even there is a tendency of the moulds well as mildew to increase their count. All these areas require professional expertise to clean off.

Carpets & rugs

Most households have carpets and rugs on the flooring. The immaculately cleaned carpets and rugs are surely going to impress your landlord & assist you in fetching your complete bond deposits. There is an accumulation of dirt, stains, and even the growth of moulds and mildew if the property is not treated properly with time. So, it is better that you hire end of lease carpet cleaners who are capable of eliminating even the tiniest of dust through the utilization of specialized equipment, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that make your carpentry look like a new one.


You have to make sure that all the sections of the rented property are being specifically taken care of while performing the bond back cleaning Melbourne so that there are no undue deductions in your bond. Since, taking care of minor things while performing the end of lease clean matters the most, and thus, here are certain tips and tricks that you can follow during the cleaning process to avoid undesired deductions in the bond money.

So, you should look forward to the end of lease cleaning Melbourne service for minimizing the chances of losing your hard-earned money in the name of the bond deposits. Thus, whenever your lease contract is coming towards an end, you can simply rely upon the proficient exit cleaners who can assist you in getting complete of your bond refund. The bond back cleaners ensure that you receive an extraordinary exit cleaning experience with immaculately clean premises.


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